Tried to poke a TV reporter with walking stick, Coimbatore Press Club against Kamal Haasan


Coimbatore Press Club alleges that actor Kamal Haasan, a leader of the Makkal Needhi Maiam and a candidate for the Coimbatore South constituency, tried to attack a journalist on polling day.When Kamal arrived at the polling booth, Sun TV reporter Mohanan, who was trying to take video, was allegedly beaten with a cane. Kamal is using crutches because he has undergone leg surgery.Fans point out that he, however, did not see the reporter in it, despite the image of him raising the stick. However, the Press Club claims that the reporter was not beaten due to luck.

As indicated by Coimbatore Press Club sources, the correspondent was video diagramming Haasan showing up at a surveying place in the Coimbatore South voting demographic on Tuesday from where he is a competitor. Haasan, a veteran entertainer, apparently didn’t care for being videographed and pointed the lower end of his strolling stick at the neck of the journalist and attempted to jab him with it, the sources said. The columnist, in any case, didn’t respond and left. The video has been generally shared via online media. Coimbatore Press Club has requested an expression of remorse from Haasan and compromised lawful activity against the entertainer turned legislator, the sources said.