Tragic incident occured at Draupathi Amman festival in Chennai


Three persons were killed and ten others were injured when a crane fell during a temple celebration in a village near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. At 8.15 p.m. on Sunday, the tragedy occurred at the Draupathi Amman festival in Kilveedhi village in Nemili, near Chennai.

Hundreds of people from the region had assembled for a festival at the Mandi Amman temple in Nemili, according to sources. The accident occurred at one of the Mayileru festivals, when people attempted to garland the temple idols by climbing onto a crane.

The crane was unable to take the weight of three individuals and crashed, killing three people on the spot and critically injuring ten others. A bystander’s camera captured the entire episode. The incident sparked widespread panic, resulting in a stampede-like scene.

Muthukumar, Boopalan and Jothibabu were among those who died. The injured were taken to government hospitals in Arakkonam and Thiruvallur for treatment. Three persons killed in temple festival accident near ArakkonamThree persons killed in a temple festival accident near Arakkonam.

Mandiyamman temple Mylar festival is being held in Kiliweedi area next to Nemili in Ranipet district. During this festival, devotees come to garland Sami as he hangs from a crane. In this, during the Mayileru program that took place today, the crane unexpectedly overturned and caused an accident.

Jyoti Babu, a plus-2 student from Kielveedi, who was hanging from the gap, fell down and died. Muth (42), a laborer from the lower street who was having fun, died. Apart from that, Kilaavatham Bhoopalan, who was selling ice, also died. 9 people including a girl child were seriously injured in the accident and were admitted to Punnai Government Primary Health Centre, Arakkonam Government Hospital and a private hospital for treatment.

The Nemili Police Department has launched an inquiry to determine the cause of the accident.