Tovino Thomas starrer Thallumala will release on OTT on this date


A digital premiere of Thallumala, which was released in theatres about a month ago, is planned. One of the biggest hits in Malayalam this year is the Khalid Rahman-directed film with Tovino Thomas as the lead, which debuted to favorable reviews from audiences and reviewers.

The principal actors of the film, including Tovino, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Shine Tom Chacko, Chemban Vinod, Binu Pappu, Lukman Avaran, Johny Antony, and Gokulan, received praise for their work. The film’s songs and background score by Vishnu Vijay received a resoundingly favorable response from viewers.

The dynamic graphics by Jimshi Khalid and the outstanding editing by Nishadh Yusuf were the main draws for moviegoers, particularly the younger crowd. Thallumala, whose script was written by Muhsin Parari and Ashraf Hamza, was funded by Ashiq Usman. The movie eventually raked in more than 40 crores from around the globe, becoming Tovino’s highest-grossing production.

The actor’s three performances this year—Naaradan, My Dear Friend, and Vaashi—received mediocre reviews at the box office. The film’s success has given him a new lease on life. On September 11, exactly one month after its theatrical debut, Thallumala will be available on Netflix. It’s interesting to note that My Dear Friend and Vaashi both had their OTT debut on Netflix. The protagonist of the movie gets into a fight with a police officer in an unexpected circumstance.

The rest of the story is about how he and his buddies resolve the conflict amicably. One of the project’s highlights is Supreme Sundar’s well-orchestrated action scenes, which are delivered in an outstanding non-linear fashion.