Tollywood actor Naga Shourya faints on NS24 sets


Actor Naga Shourya from Tollywood reportedly fainted on Monday afternoon in Hyderabad during a filming session. The young hero, who was seen in the recently released film Krishna Vrinda Vihari and is scheduled to marry on November 20, reportedly had a dizzy spell and fainted out.

He was treated right away at AIG Hospitals in the city’s Kondapur neighborhood. According to media sources, the actor has been filming his newest movie in the city while also beginning production on his 24th movie, NS24, which will be directed by Arunachalam SS and distributed by Vaishnavi Films.


According to reports, the actor experienced extreme dehydration, which caused mineral loss and lightheadedness. According to medical professionals, once his levels settle, there is no need for concern and he will be OK.

Naga Shourya is on a strict non-liquid diet and working out for a six-pack for his new character in the movie. It is rumored that the creators made him dehydrate his body for few days to show his muscles. The loss of minerals is believed to have resulted in dizziness.


Anusha Shetty, an interior designer with a base in Bengaluru, and Naga Shourya, one of Tollywood’s eligible bachelors, are planning to wed. A fan uploaded the wedding video invitation, which contained all the information about the elaborate ceremony, including the Haldi rituals.

Superstar Krishna, one of the great figures of the Telugu film industry, was admitted to the hospital earlier today due to a serious illness. Naga Shourya now collapsed at the shooting location. Tollywood movie lovers are becoming concerned about unfortunate events in light of all this.