Horoscope Today 23rd June 2020

Today’s horoscope that we provide on AstroSage is as per Vedic Astrology. Get your daily horoscope to know what stars have in store for you on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. Select your zodiac sign below to read horoscope today.
Aries Horoscope Today:
Keep yourself involved in activities that will help you keep your cool. Travel for some proves hectic and stressful-but financially rewarding. Friends and spouses bring comfort and happiness to you otherwise a dull and hectic day. Your partner will be upset if you do not pay enough attention to him or her. Success is definitely yours- if you make crucial changes one step at a time. Listen to the advice given by others-if you really want to be benefited today. Your bad mood will be lifted up by your life-partner with some special surprises.
Lucky Number:- 6
Lucky Color:- Transparent and Pink
Remedy:- Place Ketu Yantra at Puja Ghar or Family Altar and worship it regularly for enhanced business/work life.
Taurus Horoscope Today
Your enormous confidence and easy work schedule bring you enough time to relax today. Married couples may have to spend a lot of money on the education of their children today. Family responsibilities will mount- bringing tension on your mind. Your darling might expect some time along with gifts today. The work you are doing today at the office will benefit you in a different way in the coming time. A distant relative can visit your house without any prior notice, which can consume most of your time. You are going to experience a beautiful change in your erotic married life.
Lucky Number:- 5
Lucky Color:- Green and Turquoise
Remedy:- Showing care and compassion, helping, and serving differently-enabled and physically-challenged persons will invariably help in great financial growth.
Gemini Horoscope Today
Relax awhile in the evening. Avoid overspending and dubious financial schemes. Repair work at home or social get-togethers likely to keep you busy. Don’t allow your romantic views to be aired. Mental clarity will give you an edge over other competitors in business. You will also be able to clear all your past confusion. Realizing the fragility of time, you will like to spend your time in solitude away from everyone. It would also be beneficial for you to do so. After a heated argument during the day, you will spend a wonderful evening with your spouse.
Lucky Number:- 3
Lucky Color:- Saffron and Yellow
Remedy:- For an increase in income, establish Chandra yantra at the place of worship in your home.
Cancer Horoscope Today
Don’t lose your patience especially at the time of crisis. If you want to become financially strong in the future, then you have to start saving money from today. Family responsibilities will mount- bringing tension on your mind. Plan something special for the evening and try to make it as romantic as possible. Make your own career-related decisions and you will reap benefits. Those who live away from their home would prefer to spend their free time in a park or quiet place in the evening after completing their chores. Your parents might bless your spouse with something really wonderful today, which will eventually enhance your married life.
Lucky Number:- 7
Lucky Color:- Cream and White
Remedy:- To maintain good health; bury a Copper or Silver in the ground after washing it with milk and rice, and pour that milk and rice on a plant outside the home.
Leo Horoscope Today
Share the family problems with your wife. Spend some amount of time for each other to rediscover and reaffirm yourself as a loving nurturant couple. Your children too will catch the vibrations of joys and peace harmony at home. This will give you greater spontaneity and freedom in your interaction with each other. Those who still haven’t received their salaries can get worried regarding money matters, and ask any of their friends for a loan. Your witty nature would brighten the environment around you. The absence of love may be felt today. Promotion or monetary benefits for deserving employees. Today, you’ll plan to reorganize your house and clean the mess, but will not get any free time today. Wrong communication might create trouble today, but you will be able to manage it by sitting and talking.
Lucky Number:- 5
Lucky Color:- Green and Turquoise
Remedy:- Make extensive use of Gangajal (holy water) at home to improve your financial condition.
Virgo Horoscope Today
You are likely to spend your time in sports to maintain your physical stamina. At the beginning of the day, you may suffer from any financial loss, which can spoil the whole day. Give proper time to your family. Let them feel that you care for them. Spend your quality time with them. Don’t give any chance to complain. A sudden romantic encounter may confuse you. Today, you will know the truth that why your boss is so rude with you always. It will feel really good. A beneficial day as things seem to go in your favor and you will be on top of the world. Frustration will increase between you and your love partner due to the lack of time.
Lucky Number:- 4
Lucky Color:- Brown and Grey
Remedy:- Greet the rising Sun while chanting ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः (Om Ghrini Suryaya Namaha), for good financial status.
Libra Horoscope Today
Pleasure trips and social get-togethers will keep you relaxed and happy. Investment in stocks and mutual funds recommended for long-term gains. Don’t force your opinion on friends and relatives as it may not go in your interest and you can make them annoyed unnecessarily. Love is always soulful, and you will experience this today. You will gain if you give your views to people who make important decisions around you- You are likely to be appreciated for your dedication and sincerity. Businessmen today would like to spend more time with their family members than in their offices. This will create harmony in your family. Married life comes with many advantages as well, and you are going to experience all of them today.
Lucky Number:- 6
Lucky Color:- Transparent and Pink
Remedy:- Enjoy a blissful family life by reading Parvati Mangal Stotra.
Scorpio Horoscope Today

Mold your thoughts to some positive thinking as you fight the fearsome monster of fear otherwise you would become the passive and unrelenting victim of this archdemon. Those who were going through a financial crisis for a long time can attain money from anywhere today, which will eliminate several life problems in an instant. Try not to offend others and adapt to your family’s needs. Quite complicated life for romance today. Your confidence is growing and advancement is apparent. Resist associating with people that will harm your reputation. Wrong communication might create trouble today, but you will be able to manage it by sitting and talking.
Lucky Number:- 8
Lucky Color:- Black and Blue
Remedy:- Perform acts of charity such as arranging free water kiosks for poor and needy people and bring in luck and positivity in your family life.
Sagittarius Horoscope Today
Health remains perfect. Certain important plans will be executed bringing you fresh financial gains. You might not agree with everything your family members say- but you should try to learn from their experience. Today you will miss true love in your life. Don’t worry everything changes with time so will your romantic life. You might get compliments at work. You can remain free the whole day and watch as many movies and programs on TV as you want. Your spouse might deny satisfying your needs today, which will eventually make you feel frustrated.
Lucky Number:- 5
Lucky Color:- Green and Turquoise
Remedy:- Present any marble-based item/curio/souvenir to your romantic partner and make your love life mutually beneficial and fulfilling.
Capricorn Horoscope Today
Your personality will act like a perfume today. Some natives of this sign are expected to gain financial benefits today through their kids. Today, you’ll be proud of your child. Take the suggestion of your elders before making any changes in the house otherwise, it may invite their anger and unhappiness. Today, you will want to share your life struggles with your partner. However, instead, they will start narrating their own problems, which will upset you more. Great day to implement new projects and plans. Travel undertaken for business purposes will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Today, the tiff between you and your spouse might come to a halt just because of a good beautiful memory. So, don’t miss to remember the old beautiful days during a heated argument.
Lucky Number:- 5
Lucky Color:- Green and Turquoise
Remedy:- To have a blissful family life, make moderate use of saffron in food.
Aquarius Horoscope Today
Outdoor sports will attract you-Meditation and yoga will bring gains. Today, you may remain worried due to money-related problems. For this, you should consult your trusted confidant. Help your brother to keep things under control. Do not give unnecessary air to a conflict rather try to solve them amicably. Opportunities for a romance are apparent- but will be short-lived. Today, you might get to know at work that the one you considered as your enemy is actually your wellwisher. Today, you can go to a park or shopping mall with young members of the family. You will feel the warmth of your life-partner’s love today.
Lucky Number:- 3
Lucky Color:- Saffron and Yellow
Remedy:- For better financial conditions, apply some oil on your body and in your belly button, and then take a bath.
Pisces Horoscope Today
Creative work will keep you relaxed. Financial position will improve through speculation or unexpected gains. Think before sharing your confidential information with your spouse. If possible, try to avoid it as she might reveal it to someone else. Romance rules your heart. New ideas would be productive. You should learn to spend some time with the younger members of your family. Not doing this can hinder your efforts for familial peace. People around you might do something that will make your life-partner fall for you again.
Lucky Number:- 9
Lucky Color:- Red and Maroon
Remedy:- To gain family happiness, offer help to daughter, aunt (father’s or mother’s sister), sister-in-law (sister of the spouse).