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Time is running out of time! Aju’s wife commenting on the comments after her children

Like actor Aju Varghese, his wife Augustina and her four children are well known to Malayalees. Last year, Augustina opened a shop for children’s clothing. The celebrity couple claimed that the reason for opening such a shop was because of the trouble of buying a dress for their twin children. Aju was born to twins on both occasions. A lot of people were making fun of them both back then. However, some of the comments have made a great deal of sense. In an interview to an online media outlet, Tarapathi revealed this.

That’s okay since my is a private account. But I read the comments on Aju’s page. Will read every post! I sat down and cried. My first delivery was in the 8th month. So the babies were in the NICU for about a month. It was in the midst of such hurtful comments. The sender does not know what is real. There was a lot of weeping that day. Now I have no problem.

Some of the bad comments are written below the photo of the six of us standing. Many comment on the photo without even remembering it was four children. Those who know me know. Just look at it and live. Aju has little time to set aside time for his family during the movie.

There has been some quarrel at first with the lack of time. Then I realized that there is no need to quarrel. To them, the film is very ish. When I was acting alone, I was told that if I started producing the film, I would have the time. Augustina says she is nowhere to be seen.

At first he was commenting on acting. But after going to the location a couple of times, it seems unlikely to comment. I’ve only been to two locations so far. It was only after he had gone there that he realized the difficulties of shooting. Anyone can see what they have to say. It is so easy. But when I got there, I realized just how difficult it can be to take a teak. After that it was decided not to comment on the acting anymore. Augustine noted that only the positive aspect of everything is looking at it now.

Augustine was given the opportunity to design Kurti by Aju Varghese and Nivin Pauly for the promotion of Thattatin Marayathu. Aju liked the design of the day. That experience solidified and later turned into love. Shortly after their marriage, Ivan and Juan were born. Jack and Luke were born after him. Tina says her family has a twin legacy.

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