Tik Tok Ban: Public expressed happiness over banning 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok, Halo!

The Government of India has banned 59 Chinese apps including TicketTalk, Halo, and Cam Scanners. The people of Agra are happy with this drastic move of the government. Police personnel also expressed happiness with the public. TikTok was an app, that caused action against a large number of police personnel. Police personnel watching others made their videos viral. Several policemen were suspended.

tik tok ban in india
tik tok ban in India

The range of cyber cells had several crimes related to TicTalk. Tiktok had caused a ruckus in the family of a bullion trader. The nephew made the uncle’s video viral. The uncle was having dinner at a wedding. He made fun of this. It was said that watch carefully this man, he arrives at every wedding to eat a free banquet. A lawsuit was filed in this regard. The nephew was also arrested.

Many people lost their lives due to the making of Tiktok videos. There was an accident of youth on Yamuna Expressway. He fell down from the bridge. He was killed. A young man boarded the train to make Tiktok. He was severely burned when he was electrocuted. A few more cases reached the police to make the video viral by spoiling the faces of women and women.

tik tok ban
tik tok ban

In-charge of Range Cyber ​​Cell, Shailesh Singh said that there are advantages and disadvantages to technology. Earlier, when there was no internet, people used to talk about mobile. People got addicted to mobile due to the app. Except one or two of these, no app was of any use. All were built to keep people busy.

Cyber ​​expert Rakshit Tandon described the government’s move is commendable. He says that China was fighting over the border and earning in the country. This is the first time he has received an answer China can be taught a lesson without fighting if the people support. People do not know that while downloading any app, all the data of your mobile gets copied. People do not read anything while loading an app down. They just keep on doing this. Chinese mobiles should also be banned. If China’s goods are restricted, then employment opportunities in India will also increase.

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