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Tik Tok ban; Fans with bizarre comments on Modi’s Instagram account


The government has banned 59 Chinese apps, including Tic Tac, unexpectedly, amid tensions with China over the border dispute. The Home Ministry has accused the country of threatening its security. Many people have already come out in support of the decision of the Center.

In addition to Twitter and Facebook, people have been responding to the ban on Chinese apps via the Prime Minister’s Instagram posts comment box. The comments below the Prime Minister’s Instagram posts show that the ban on tick talk has not caught up to many.

People are responding to the comment box of old photos posted on Prime Minister’s Instagram.Most of the comments are pretty weird. In addition to the negative comments, some have written lyrics to lyrics in the comment box. One user asks if the Instagram app will be banned if there is a problem with the US tomorrow.

Pabji should be banned, not tick talk, and bollywood and porn sites should be banned. There have been many comments calling for the repeal of the ban on tick talk. The comments that are insulting to the Prime Minister are a lot. At the same time, several leaders have also praised the Prime Minister for his decision to ban tic-tac-toe.


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