Thudarum, Short film starring Swasika becoming popular

Actress Swasika Vijay is gaining attention with her latest short film ‘Thudarum’. She is undoubtedly one of the most loved actresses on Malayalam TV. Besides her acting stint, the actress also enjoys a huge fan following for her dance videos. The short film ‘Thudarum’ directed by Bilahari, who is notable for his role in Allu Ramendran. The film stars Swasika and Ram in the lead roles and is written by Shyam Narayanan T K.

The film tells the story of a husband who blames his wife for anything and the mental hardships the girl has to endure and her survival.Despite our desire to be with men from the kitchen to the space, our society still imposes restrictions and restrictions on womenThe short film will continue to expose such situations while the big question remains whether women are completely free from male domination.

The short film highlights couple Vidya and Prasad and their day by day schedule during the lockdown. She cooks, she cleans, she keeps an eye on the most immaterial family unit needs. He rests, eats, settles on telephone decisions and work out. Conventional sex job, which consider a to be as ‘parental figure’ and man as ‘provider’, is more obvious here, driving the previous into taming and obnoxious attack. However, Bilhari, with his experimentation, has given an intriguing turn to this idea and opened entryways for translation in watchers’ viewpoint. There’s an invite stun for men and an update for them that it is their home as well. The shot  film  is produced by Vinoj Vadakkan, music by Sudeep Palanad, the frames of Jaffar Athani and editing by Vijay cuts provides a realitic touch to the tale.

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