Those who do not know dance should also live here; Aju Varghese performed Neeraj’s rap

Aju Varghese steps on Neeraj Madhav’s song ‘Pani Pali’. The fun dance video of Aju was shared by fans on social media. The star posted the caption, “Even for those who don’t know, I can live here.” Aju Varghese appeared in the video wearing a t-shirt and a hat on his head.

Aju’s dance video has already been seen by many. Neeraj Madhav himself has commented after the video of the star. The star said he agreed with Bose. Aju has challenged Suraj Venjarammoodu, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Tovino and Ramesh Pisharody to dance. Fans are looking forward to seeing which stars dance their work.

As the video went viral, many celebrities including Joju George, Vijay Yesudas, Sayonara Philip, Manjari, Rajisha Vijayan and Basil Joseph praised Aju’s dance. Basil’s comment was, “God, the work is really Paul.” Basil Joseph said he personally would love to see how Tovino copes with this challenge.Pani Pali’ is a song written and sung by Neeraj Madhav himself. The song, which was noted for its rhythmic and rhyming lyrics and different presentation, went viral within hours.

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