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Those characters who were rejected by Navya due to Nayanthara’s growth!

navya about nayantara
navya about nayantara

There are very few movie lovers who are not familiar with Nayanthara. Nayanthara is everyone’s favorite heroine in South Indian movies. Nines has been described as the lady superstar of South Indian cinema. The actor has been featured in many gossips since he came into the film. But the actor has overcome all that and made a name for himself in cinema. Nayanthara is far ahead in terms of fan support. The star has millions of fans. Probably no other heroine with the same stardom as Nayanthara is seen in South India today. Now, a few things that Navya Nair said are getting the attention of the audience.


Ayya ​​was Nayanthara’s Tamil debut film. The film stars Sarath Kumar, Napoleon and Nayanthara in the lead roles. The film was produced at a cost of Rs 5 crore. Navya Nair said that she got her first opportunity to act in this Tamil film about Nayanthara’s debut, but she turned down the opportunity as she was more focused on Malayalam cinema at that time.

Navya Nair Photoshoot 2

After that, Chandramukhi was Nayanthara’s most popular film. Nayanthara will be seen in the lead role alongside Rajinikanth. Nayantara said that the film came to me first but I did not want it.

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