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This was the reason why Shalini and Ajith went to the hospital

Ajith and Shalini are South Indian stars. Though she got a break from the movie with her marriage, she still gets strong support. All their attributes go viral in an instant. Pictures of her visit to the hospital were circulated on social media yesterday. The fans were horrified when their videos and videos went viral after they arrived at the hospital late in the month. The scene from the hospital in Chennai was spreading. More details on their visit are coming out. Sources close to them have responded. Ajit and Shalini came for the Routein checkup which was held once in three months. Fans were relieved when the next sources clarified that the duo was well and there was no need to panic.

No matter how busy, Ajith Routine does not pay check. Hospital visits have become an ongoing trend since the accident that occurred years ago. It was after this that he started checking Routine. Ajith comes to the hospital with Shalini during the movie. Lockdown has been announced in the country following the outbreak of coronavirus.

Ajith was acting in the movie Valimai. In the meantime, the lockdown was announced. The director and producer decided that the health of the people behind the scenes was important to the film. Directed by H Vinod, the film is produced by Bony Kapoor. Ajith is not interested in fans association, but fans have not taken it at face value. There is still strong support. Not only Ajith but also Shalini’s children’s birthdays and pictures are spread through social media. Both married couples are described as role models.

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