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This is what happens after you die

How frequently have you ever questioned what lies beyond lifestyles? What exactly happens once you breathe yur final? Is there actually a heaven and hell as written in many books? Does your soul depart your body? Do you meet you loved ones who’ve already died? While there are millions of books narrating what afterlife is all approximately, here is a man who claims to have died twice for 2 mins whenever and shared his revel in on Reddit.

In an ‘Ask Me Anything’ consultation on the website, he fielded questions about his revel in. The first time he ‘died’ became in a motorbike coincidence. He said, “without delay after the accident my frame shut down from the pain and bodily damages on my frame. No pulse, no respiration and no awareness”

The second time he claimed he skilled dying become after a surgical procedure when his respiratory gadget close down. “I became in agonizing ache after surgical operation so I acquired loads of ache killers. The ache, coupled with a giant quantity of ache killers, caused my pulse to drop to around 10bpm and my breathing machine shut down,” he wrote.

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He responded hundreds of questions that humans threw at him and his publish went viral in 2015 but these days a person shared it once more and it’s been doing the rounds on social media. Here are the questions he responded.

How’s the feeling of demise?

“I had no idea, it became simply black vacancy. No thoughts, no cognizance, not anything.

“Both instances I turned into simply “now not there”. It changed into simply all black. I would describe it as when you take a snooze. A short nap without a dream, you wake up and it looks like you’ve been dozing a long time, whilst in fact it’s most effective been approximately 15 minutes.

“The only purpose I recognize is because the medical doctors have been obligated to proportion the information with me. “So yeah, you were lifeless for a few minutes, simply FYI” hahaha.

“So if the medical doctors wouldn’t have said anything I would’ve simply idea that I took a dreamless nap.”

Do you feel you ‘skilled’ this time of black vacancy or it’s the reminiscence of the ‘clean’ space?

“It turned into really now not just a gap. Much like a dreamless nap, you don’t simply awaken and experience like time simply jumped in advance. You recognize which you’ve been asleep for some time. At the equal time, you may’t sincerely bear in mind experiencing some thing at all, unless you had a dream.

“So yes and no. I experienced some thing, and that some thing was not anything.”

Were the 2 stories exclusive from every other?

The experiences have been exactly the same. The simplest difference is that the twist of fate one, I don’t forget the seconds before plenty greater clean. The 2nd time, I become in a lot pain that I wasn’t surely absolutely privy to my environment in case you understand what I imply.

Reaction while you were instructed you had been lifeless?

“Well my first response turned into ‘Omfg, that’s fucking cool! Now I can tell my pals that I’ve been lifeless and come returned to life and many others’ however most of these thoughts have been the morhpine speaking.

“Then reality sets in, and I found out that ‘wow, I should’ve been useless right now.’ That’s when I started out to understand how extreme my situation genuinely become.

“I truly fear it less. I know now that death is not anything worse than snoozing. When you die, you just stop existing, not anything to fear about!”

Is there a heaven and hell?

“I actually have continually been an atheist, however I even have always had part of me that hoped there has been a God or Heaven or some thing extra than us. I suggest, who wouldn’t want there to be a Heaven?

“I am still an atheist, and now I recognise that there is no such element as God or Heaven. At least now not for me. My reasoning in the back of this is no God would ever placed a person and own family through one of these experience.

“I am an Atheist, and usually will be. But I accept as true with that your perception is your notion. The simplest thing we will proportion is our very own reviews and let humans make up their own mind. People want to prevent forcing their personal beliefs onto others.”

“Death is demise. Once your useless, that’s it, it’s over,” he concluded.

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