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This is the reason I disappeared from the films: Kaveri

Kaveri was a star in the film business. She turned into a kid entertainer and later developed into a courageous woman. Kavery found the opportunity that nobody got more. She is playing the female lead in her first film with Mammootty. From that point forward, she has been a piece of a few incredible movies. Kaveri before long turned into the courageous woman of the crowd. Be that as it may, out of nowhere the star vanished from the film. Kavery has now uncovered the explanation behind her absence of chance in the film.

Kaveri Images
Kaveri Images

Kaveri said that she had got many opportunities after the Udyanapalakan, but all was lost. After the first film, I heard the story of Kadhanayakan, and I am very impressed. I agreed to do the film right away. Advance payments were also made. Jayaram was the hero of the movie. But a few days later, Divya Unni got the role. I have receive a invitation from Varnapakitt as a heroine, But that too was done by Divya Unni. “Even though I was invited to the film Chandranudikkunna Dhikkil, finally that chance go to Kavya Madhavan.” Because that time heroines have a PRO workers, but I had not. Kaveri said.

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