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‘This is a movie, you have to adjust a bit’, he told me ..

Vinthuja about film offer

Chandanamazha was a popular series that was successfully progressing on Asianet. The character of Amrita in the series was well-received by the audience. Meghna Vincent first played the role of Amrita in the serial. But with Meghna’s withdrawal from the series, the audience and the cast of the serial were in total distress. The audience was left wondering if the newcomer, who had Meghna as Amrita, could fit in with the newcomer. But the newly arrived heroine quickly became a favorite of the audience.


Vinthuja Vikraman was the nectar that shone in the sandalwood rain after Meghna. Vinthuja was able to carry the character of Amrita forward without losing the character’s matte. Now the actor is revealing about a bad experience he had from the movie. The actor says that he got the opportunity from the movie after getting attention in the serial. In the words of the star,

Vinthuja Vikraman

I once got a phone call. Speaking from the other side was the invitation to the movie. I’m not even sure if there is a movie like that, because he didn’t talk to me much about the movie. He told me that I would have to make some adjustments while acting and that money was not an issue. I immediately said no and hung up. I even doubt if there are any girls who adjust like that because it’s a movie and money is not an issue.

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