Many players have taken up the Green Challenge during the lockdown. From Tamil Nadu, Vijay, Suriya, Prakash Raj, Trisha, Telugu actor Mahesh Babu and actress Shruti Haasan all took up the challenge and shared pictures of trees being planted in their homes on social media.

Rajisha Vijayan

Malayalam actress Rajisha Vijayan is also taking up the Green Challenge. The actor is planting a sapodilla tree on the balcony of his flat. The actor has taken up the challenge of how to grow a sapodilla tree on a balcony that provides space for common plants and vegetables.

I’m back after a break and I know I am super late but here’s me accepting the #greenchallenge from my muse @anupamaparameswaran96 🌴💚
So meet my Sapota/Chikoo/Sapodilla tree that I recently planted in my balcony. I love this fruit and @lilysplantboutique showed me that you could actually plant trees in your balcony, even fruit-bearing ones. The one thing I miss the most while living in a flat is that we hardly get any ground to plant anything especially trees and this was a much-needed revelation. So I hereby challenge each and every one of you to go ahead and plant more and more, Rajishs wrote. 

Rajisha Vijayan is the actress who won the hearts of the Malayalees with her role as ‘Eli’ in the movie ‘Anuraga Karikin Vellam’. Rajisha also won the State Government Award for Best Actress for her debut film. Last year, she had a stellar performance in June, Finals and Stand Up.