These 8 looks of Madhavan could not be seen on the big screen, pictures shared on social media

Bollywood actor R Madhavan is known for his excellent performance. He has a different style that wins the hearts of all. But you must be surprised that Madhavan has to face rejections on many occasions. The actor himself has told eight such occasions when he was failed during the look test. Madhavan has shared many photos on social media.

Madhavan’s dhansu looks are seen in these pictures. In some, his hair is seen growing, and in some he has a magnificent body.Fans are surprised to see their looks. Surprising is happening because no film has been made with any of these characters. Meaning Madhavan faced rejections in the look test itself. R. Madhavan himself has told about this.

Sharing these eight looks, Madhavan has written – All these are the looks on which films were never made. Which one do you feel is my best and in which you do not recognize me? Now when the question has been asked on behalf of Madhavan, even the fans of the actor have not delayed in answering. Somebody is saying that if Madhavan had a film on these looks, she would have become superhits.

One has even said that Madhavan should have played the role of Khilji. He looked very good in that look. The reactions of the fans are different, but everyone is sad that the film was not made on any characterer hit. Madhavan is going to be seen on the work front in the film Rocketry: The Numbi Effect. The film is based on the life of scientist Nambi Narayan. Madhavan is going to be seen in the lead role


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