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There is no history shown in ‘Tanhaji’ – Saif Ali Khan

Currently, the movie ‘Tanhaji’ is playing a comedy at the box office While the film has been a favorite of the people, it has also been accused of tampering with history. Meanwhile, Saif Ali Khan said in an interview that Tanhaji was not a historical film. Also speaking on the politics of the film, he said that he has no problem as an actor but certainly as a person. Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Udaybhan Singh Rathore in the film which stars Ajay Devgan.

Asked about some historical events being tampered with or altered in the film, Saif said, “For some reason I do not argue. Maybe next time. But because the role is so beautiful, I was excited to do it. But when people say that this is history. So I don’t think so. I know very well what history is, “said Saif Ali Khan. Saif also said that India was not a concept before the British came.

Talking about coming to Bollywood with films like ” Tanhaji, ” would like to be part of the role-playing industry , Saif said, “This is what people love, and that’s why the concept worked. But I would really like to be part of an industry that plays a role. Who will tell people the true history. Will not tamper with it. But that’s what people say. It’s a new concept that’s been a hit. But this is a serious matter. ”

“Bollywood is not fighting for democracy,”
Saffron said, “I don’t see anyone in the industry fighting for democracy. But students are struggling. No one in Bollywood plays a role. Maybe they are afraid of being banned from film. ”

“We are
moving away from secularism ” “In the current situation in the country , we seem to be moving away from secularism. I don’t see anyone fighting for him. It is not fitting for me to take any role as an actor, as this may ban my films and affect his earnings. “People in Bolivia do not respond politically because they want to keep their business and family out of trouble,” Saif said.

In the dream of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s establishment of a Hindu state, many Mawals sacrificed their lives. Tanhaji Malusare, one of them, is portrayed on the big screen as a heroic legend. Director Om Raut, the marathom director has made his Bollywood debut in Tanaka through Tanhaji.

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