There is no harm in doing films! Interviews are the problem, Shine Tom Chacko

Shine Tom Chacko is an actor who speaks openly about anything in Malayalam cinema, now the actor has not done any harm to him by doing films but he openly says that interviews have become a problem for him.

But it doesn’t matter if you don’t give interviews, you can give them, you can give promotional interviews for a movie, it’s the responsibility of the actors. I don’t feel any harm in doing films, but I do when I give interviews, but there is no point in thinking that way. Shouldn’t we have come for the films we do, it is our responsibility, says the actor


Because we give a lot of interviews, some people come and ask why we give so many interviews, when we do a film, we can only give interviews for two or three days, that is the responsibility of an actor, we give interviews to watch our films, says Shine. It will be released in theaters.