There have only been problems with this: Adithyan Jayan

Adithyan Jayan is a well-known actor in Malayalam cinema and serials. The actor himself has often said that his name has been dragged out in many controversies. His marriage to actress Ambili Devi was also a source of controversy. A few days ago, a baby was born last year. The actor often came to share their family experiences.

Adithyan Jayan

Apart from being an actor, Adityan is also the nephew of the late superstar Jayan. Aditya is very active on social media and constantly shares his experiences with his fans. The actor has now openly told fans that he is changing his name. The actor himself openly stated the reason for that.

Adithyan Jayan Images

‘My real name is Jayan S. That is why I am updating my social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram under the same name, ”Adityan said in a post on social media. Jayan is the name given to him by his father and mother. With that change came a loss of calm. “I decided to use my real name after experiencing things beyond what I could bear,” he said in response to comments.

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