There Are Certain Rules In Surya’s House Which Everyone Has To Follow; Jyothika

Suriya and Jyothika are the favorite star couple in the Tamil cinema world. Suriya and Jyothika have a huge fan base in Kerala too. Jyothika, who stayed away from acting after her marriage, focused on her family life. Later, when Jyothika decided to come back to the acting industry, Suriya stood by her giving all her support. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Jyothika spent a long time in Chennai with Surya’s extended family after her marriage. Surya and Jyothika recently moved to Mumbai.

Now Jyothika is talking about Surya’s family. Jyothika opened her mind in an interview given to an online channel in Tamil. Jyothika and Surya’s sister Brenda have a very close relationship. Jyothika says that in Surya’s house, women are one team and men are another team. Jyothika says that she, Brenda, and Karthi’s wife Ranjini are a team and will support each other. The actor added that Suriya will balance everything. Jyothika said that everyone is together in the house and everyone is busy but there is a rule in the house.

Lunch and dinner should be eaten together. Jyothika said that at that time the whole family would sit at the table and eat. Jyothika stated that she learned a lot from Suriya’s house and it has a great influence on the films she chooses today. Jyothika answered the question, of whether she prefers Mumbai, or Chennai, where she lived after marriage. She replied Mumbai was her mother. Land of birth and Chennai is like a father and it gave her a career and protection. She came to Chennai as a teenager.

This city has given me many things. Career, sensibility, family, traditional values, ​​etc. are all given. Learned a lot from Chennai. Kids love Mumbai and Chennai equally. They have been coming to Mumbai since childhood. Hindi is spoken like a South Indian. Tamil is spoken like North Indians. Jyothika said that children like the movie Chandramukhi in which she acted. But they don’t even see their couple films and those films are from 20 years ago, so they feel like period films.

My children are studying in Mumbai. Daughter Diya studies in Plus One. Son Dev is also in 8th standard. Jyothika says that Diya is closer to her father and son Dev is closer to her. Surya looks after all the children’s school affairs. Jyotika stated that it is Surya who checks the mails, wherever he is shooting, Surya answers the mails and fills the forms and both of them show equal participation in raising the children.

Fans call them “Made for each other” among the Tamil star couples. Surya and Jyothika got married in 2006. Both have acted together in a handful of films before marriage. Both fell in love during the shooting of these films