The Youth Congress state secretary was robbed of crores from the church.

Youth Congress state leader lashes out at church The Pulluvazi St. Thomas Church Committee has issued a notice against Shijo Varghese, a native of Perumbavoor Rayamangalam and state secretary of the Youth Congress.

Shijo was in charge from July 8, 2019 to December 13, 2020. The committee selected by the parish general meeting on January 24, 2020, to examine the financial irregularities committed by Shijo during this period, examined and prepared a report with a chartered account. This report was issued as a notice by the parish committee members.

According to the notice, Shijo Varghese embezzled Rs 76,49,421. It is said that Rs 27 lakh has been allotted for the confiscation of the goods in the building rented by the church.

The church owes the remaining Rs 47,37,371. But believers say the show’s figures are inaccurate and even more so. According to the believers, around Rs 2 crore has been embezzled according to this. Kuruppadi police have registered a case against Shijo under IPC 406,420,425,465 on a complaint lodged by the church committee.

Earlier, the church committee had lodged a complaint with leaders of the Youth Congress from the local leadership to the All India leadership. But he was protecting the swindler without taking action. This led to legal action