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The work done by Bhagyalakshmi and her friends is commendable!

Lisy Supporting Bhagyalakshmi

Bhagyalakshmi and her gang have been celebrating on social media for the past two days with the news of the attack on YouTuber who insulted them through video. Many names have already expressed their reaction for and against the action of the stars. Most of the respondents expressed their support for the work of Bhagyalakshmi and her team. Now the famous actress Lisy has also clarified her stance on this issue. Lisy made her position clear through her Facebook.


“A strong step by three women and “hopefully” the beginning of a giant step for the society”. Our society is plagued by the weirdos and criminals acting as experts using social media to inject poison, especially against women into the minds of young, weak, and vulnerable! The filth and dirt they throw into our society may not stick into the majority but it has an impact on a small but powerful minority! Youtube and social media are full of these nutters acting as heroes or mentors. If we don’t stop it this will infect our society and eventually consume us. Our law enforcement has failed to take action and closed their eyes to this grave crime! In this background even if one may not agree with breaking the law, what Bagyalakshmi and friends did was a commendable action!


They have brought this issue to the attention of society and Govt. I sincerely hope that the government will take this seriously! Note: Please don’t be fooled that the people who do this are all some kind of criminals. No, from my own experience those who pose as gentlemen also have done this! PS. Weldon to the Magician’s in Law enforcement who managed to convert the criminal to a victim and victims to criminals! What an idea SIRJI!!! See less

"A strong step by three women and "hopefully" the beginning of a giant step for the society".Our society is plagued by…

Gepostet von Lissy Lakshmi am Montag, 28. September 2020

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