The Video Song Of ‘Pranaya Vilasam’ Movie Has Been Released

Arjun Ashokan, Anaswara Rajan and Mamita Baiju are reunited in the new film ‘Pranaya Vilasam‘. The movie hit the theaters and received a good response from the audience. Directed by Nikhil Murali, the film is scripted by Jyotish M and Sunu. Now the new video song of the film has been released. The song ‘Karayaan khilahi dinul’ has been released. Manu Manjith’s lyrics are composed by Shaan Rahman. Sung by G Venu Gopal.

Famous actors like Mia, Hakeem Shah, and Manoj KU are also acting. Produced by CB Chavara and Ranjith Nair, the film is handled by Shinos. Presented by Green Room, the screenplay of this film is written by Jyotish M and Sunu AV. Shaan Rahman composes the music with lyrics by Suhail Koya, Manu Manjith, and Vinayak Sasikumar. Editing- Binu Napoleon, Art Direction- Rajesh P Velayudhan.