The video of monkeys from the swimming pool is viral


Every situation can be made charming and humorous by monkeys. The Internet is currently going crazy over some monkeys having a blast in a pool. In the footage shared on Twitter, they can be seen gathered around the pool. They leap into the pool with a splash from what appears to be the top of a gazebo. They alternate taking turns with their risky dives. But before jumping, they check that the way is free below. Here, have a look:

Users of social media were amused by their antics. Some readers found it surprising that monkeys like the water in addition to being able to swim. Others wished to partake in the excitement. One user shared memories of their own enjoyable swimming pool diving in the past. They stated, “Reminds me of being 12 years old and us young blokes flaunting on the diving board at the swimming pool in front of the girls. We weren’t entirely sure of our motivations. We’d even shout, “Arrh, what are YOU looking at?!” However, the dives got bolder with each turn.

The clip’s specific scene, rather than the jumping game, was what many people thought to be cuter. After diving into the pool, one monkey swims over to another monkey who is already seated. Twitter users’ hearts are warmed by the two’s embrace. The original Tweet was followed by screenshots of the event that were published online.

Look at the video beneath

The video has received around 43,000 likes and over 1.5 million views since it was posted on Saturday.