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The video of Meghana praying at Chiranjeevi’s tomb has gone viral

The movie world is in shock over the untimely demise of Malayalam actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, husband of Malayalam actress Meghna. The scenes of Meghna crying over her husband’s fate and giving a last kiss to the boy and crying on his chest are shocking. The couple had been dating for ten years. Chiranjeevi Sarja will no longer be a shadow of Mehna .He shared the picture with Chiranjeevi and other family members on Instagram on May 2nd. Meghana said that she and her husband have returned as much as they could and congratulated them on their wedding wishes.

Chiranjeevi Sarja’s posthumous ceremony was held yesterday. The funeral took place at the Druv Sarja’s farmhouse, which was a favorite spot for Chiranjeevi. At first, the family was concerned about where the body would be buried. News first came out that the burial would be in the cemetery near the house. It was then announced that Chiranjeevi’s last resting place would be his favorite. Chiranjeevi’s last resting place was at his brother’s farmhouse. There were things that made everyone in tears.

Meghana was crying about herbs every time. Arjun was talking to the actor. When Molly listened to her uncle’s words, Meghna broke down. There were scenes that made everyone cry. Everyone was delighted to welcome Kunjithi to the family. In the meantime the news came unexpectedly.

After the funeral of Chiranjeevi, Meghna once left the room. Chiranjeevi reached the place where he was buried. Then he walked around it once. Tears went in again. All the sadness was that Meghna didn’t even talk to anyone until she went into the room. Meghna refuses to respond to anything. Because Chiranjeevi Meghna was so in love with it. It is rumored that the family is unable to comfort Meghna.

source : SGV Kannada Media

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