The two actors in Bollywood wanted to marry Hema Malin

Birthday of Bollywood’s Dream Girl – actress Hema Malini. Hema, who struck many with her beauty and acting, remains popular today. So fans are eager to know everything about them. Fans know the whole journey from Hema Malini and Dharmendra’s love story to marriage. But then there were many actors in Bollywood who wanted to marry Hema Malin. Among them are two actors who were among the leading actors at the time. Popular Bollywood actors Jitendra and Sanjeev Kumar had a strong desire to marry Hema Malini. But Hema Malini married Dharmendra.

Since Sanjeev wanted to marry Hema Malini, he decided to seek help from Jitendra. Sanjay asked Jitendra to convey the matter in his heart to Hema. But then Hema refused to marry Sanjeev. It is said that Hema refused to marry Sanjeev, but he started to like Jitendra. Jitendra and Hema confess their love to each other during the filming of the ‘bride’ movie. The couple’s family had also given permission for the marriage. Jitendra wanted to marry Hema but then he was dating Shobha.

Shobha and Jitendra were childhood friends. When Shobha learned this, he asked Hema to explain to Jitendra. But meanwhile Hema and Jitendra’s family met each other. While the two families were meeting on one side, Hema got a call from Dharmendra and expressed his love for Hema Malini. Before making any decision, Dharmendra asked Hema to meet him once.

It is said that since Dharmendra’s first wife was not willing to divorce him, Dharmendra accepted Islam to marry Hema Malini. Hema’s father V. S. Ramanujam Chakraborty was opposed to this marriage. Dharmendra and Prakash already had four children. Therefore, Ramanujam was strongly opposed to this marriage.

Dharmendra and Hema got married only after the death of their father. Hema’s mother was also opposed to the marriage, but they still married. According to Hema, Dharmendra was the main reason for his attraction. Dharmendra is just as calm and tough as his mother. Hema and Dharmendra are married with two daughters, Isha and Ahana, and both are married.