The Trailer Of Ranjan Pramod And Dileesh Pothan O.Baby Is Released

Thank you for sharing the information about the trailer of Ranjan Pramod and Dileesh Pothan’s film “O.Baby.” It seems that the film is generating a lot of excitement as it is being described as a thriller. This project is significant because it marks Dileesh Pothan’s debut as both the producer and the lead actor. Ranjan Pramod, known for his previous film “Rakshadhikari Baiju,” which won the State Film Award for Popular Cinema with Artistic Value, is now venturing into the thriller genre, raising the audience’s expectations. The film has already made headlines due to its unique combination of talents.

“O. Baby” is being produced by Dileesh Pothan, Abhishek Sasidharan, and Pramod Therwarpalli under the banners Turtle Wine Productions, Color Pencil Films, and Pagalk Films. Rahul Menon serves as the executive producer. Apart from Dileesh Pothan, the film features actors Raghunath Paleri, Hania Naseefa, Saji Soman, Shinu Shyamalan, Atulya Gopalakrishnan, and Vishnu Agastya in important roles. Arun Chalil is handling the cinematography, while the editing is done by Samjith Muhammad. Excitingly, “O. Baby” is set to release in theaters on June 9. Fans of thriller films and the talented team behind this project are eagerly awaiting its arrival.