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The theater owners’ organization, bans malayalam movies!

The theater owners' organization, bans malayalam movies!

It has been more than 150 days since theaters began to close following the Corona expansion. On this occasion, some films were also screened through the digital platform. The theater owners’ association came out strongly against this. FEUOK, the theater owners’ association, has now come up with a new decision.


Producer Antony Perumbavoor, president of FEUOK, has decided not to collaborate with those preparing for a digital release in Malayalam cinema. Anto Joseph, President, Kerala Film Producers Association, has been given permission by the producers’ association to release Kilometers and Kilometers.

Kilometers and Kilometers

Anto Joseph had approached the Film Chamber, the Producers’ Association, and FEUOK directly seeking permission for the release of Kilometers and Kilometers. It was after this that such a decision was reached. The order also makes it clear that Kilometers and Kilometers will be allowed to be released because of the piracy that preceded the film’s release. Co-produced and starring Tovino Thomas, Kilometers and Kilometers is set to release its Hot Star premiere in the last week of August.

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