The Superstar Heartfelt Message To Narendra Modi Goes Viral After The Grand Unveiling Of India Stunning New Parliament Complex

Superstar Rajinikanth thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for installing the golden scepter received by Jawaharlal Nehru in the new Parliament to symbolize the transfer of power from Britain to independent India Rajinikanth tweeted that the scepter is a symbol of the strength of the Tamil people.’The sceptre, the traditional symbol of Tamil power, will shine in India’s new Parliament building. Sincerely thanking the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making Tamils ​​proud,” Rajinikanth wrote on Twitter.

At the inauguration of the new Parliament this morning, the Prime Minister installed the scepter next to the Speaker’s seat. A team of priests from Tamil Nadu handed over the scepter to the Prime Minister yesterday.The scepter was kept at the National Museum in Allahabad, Nehru’s residence. The scepter was made in Tamil Nadu at the behest of India’s last Governor General Rajaji. British Viceroy Mountbatten asked Nehru how the transfer of power would lead to the birth of the sceptre. Nehru sought advice from Rajagopalachari. Rajaji said that the Chola kings in Tamil Nadu would adopt the practice of receiving the scepter from the Rajapurohit.