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The sad news for Swantan serial fans is that the shooting of the series has stopped


Consolation is a series that airs on Asianet. The series has been at the forefront of ratings since day one. The series tells the story of a husband and wife who love their husband’s brothers as if they were their own children. Chippy plays the central character in the series. The series is directed by Ranjith, Chippy’s husband, and produced by Chippy himself. The main attraction of this series is that it does not have the abusive or aunty-mother-daughter quarrels seen in regular series. But now fans of the series are all in trouble. After the series ended last day, it was written on television that the shooting of the series would be stopped until further notice.

That is what frustrated the players. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had yesterday said that serial and film shooting should be stopped as the second wave of Kovid is intensifying. It was only after this that the line-up of the series announced that the series would no longer air until further notice that the shooting of the series had stopped and that we would be back to your living room soon. In this particular case of the Kovid expansion, your favorite series, Comfort, will not be airing in the next few days. Soon after the series ended, it was written that the series ‘Comfort’ would be back in your living room.

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