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The right side is completely paralyzed, unable to do even the basic activities, Actress Saranya is now back to life

Saranya Current Status

Actress Saranya, who was active in the film serial industry, has been undergoing treatment for cancer for the past five years. Actress Saranya, who was bedridden after nine surgeries, is now back on track. Seema G Nair shared about the latest changes in the life of the actress.

Saranya present condition

Saranya underwent her ninth surgery on a brain tumor on April 2 last year. It was a bit complicated after that surgery. Saranya’s weight also reached 90-95 kg. The right side was completely paralyzed. In the eighth surgery, the right side was paralyzed but soon recovered. But in the case of this surgery, it was not so easy. I did regular physiotherapy at home. There was no benefit. Unable to walk, she lay down on the bed. A condition in which even basic actions cannot be done by oneself. So, I brought her from Thiruvananthapuram to my house in Kochi in July, thinking that leaving there for a few days would make a difference.


His two-and-a-half months of treatment changed her completely. The kindness and care of the hospital, its health workers, Sabit, and Abubaker gradually freed her from prison. It can also be called the hands of God. Saranya was undergoing physiotherapy for 6 consecutive hours a day. As a result, it gradually became spontaneous, as we now see. There has also been good progress in health. I discharged her last day and brought her to my house and now she is leaving for Thiruvananthapuram. ‘ Seema G Nair said in an interview to Vanitha

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