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The reason for that big change in Nayanthara’s film career

nayanthara changes
nayanthara changes

Nayanthara is everyone’s favorite heroine in South Indian movies. Nines has been described as the lady superstar of South Indian cinema. The actor has been featured in many gossips since he came into the film. But the actor has overcome all that and made a name for himself in cinema. Nayanthara is at the forefront in terms of fan support. It is not an easy task for an actress from another language to claim the title of Lady Superstar of South India. But the truth is that Nayanthara was able to achieve that feat easily.


Nayanthara made her Malayalam film debut as an out-of-town girl. But when it came to Tamil, the actress was changing her style of dress. Acting in glamorous roles was a big deal for Nayanthara when she was overweight. Nayantara went abroad to undergo fat removal surgery as it was a big hurdle for her to get into glamorous outfits. With that, the actress, who was getting thinner and thinner, started appearing in Tamil movies in glamorous outfits. Although she has done a lot of glamor roles, none of the heroine-oriented characters have come looking for the star.

The actor, who had taken a break from filming for a few days, changed his look and returned. That too by doing strong heroine characters. But this arrival of the star was not in vain. Actress Nayanthara made films without even the heroes and made crores of profit and easily paid the producer. With this, Nayanthara became the Lady Superstar of South Indian cinema. Nayanthara is the highest paid actress in South India.

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