The reason behind the suicide attempt, Ramakrishnan’s shocking statement is out

Ramakrishnan's Suicinde attempt reason is out

Kalabhavan Mani’s brother and dancer RLV Ramakrishnan’s attempt to commit suicide was the name of the accused. Ramakrishnan had alleged that the Sangeetha Nataka Academy had denied him the opportunity to perform Bharatanatyam. Ramakrishnan had alleged that he was denied a venue in the Sangeetha Nataka Akademi online dance show because he was not a woman. He then attempted suicide.

RLV Ramakrishnan

The statement of Ramrishnan who is in the hospital is coming out now. Police recorded the statement of Ramrishnan, who is lodged in Chalakudy Taluk Hospital. Ramakrishnan told the police. He did not reveal anyone’s name. However, police have not yet registered a case in connection with the suicide attempt. Chalakudy DySP said further action would be taken after a detailed investigation. C.R. Santosh Kumar, SHO KS Sandeep said.

Ramakrishnan wrote on Facebook before committing suicide

‘The statement made by Sangeetha Nataka Academy Chairperson KPAC Lalitha is a change of heart. I have contacted them on the phone eight times. There is a phone record, including that I called Lalitha Chechi that night who was denied the opportunity since she applied. Again I am mentally tormented. I have done nothing against the government. I am a staunch supporter of the Left movement. “I am a member of Pukasa and PKS,” Ramakrishnan wrote on Facebook.

RLV Ramakrishnan Image

Protests intensified after news broke that Ramakrishnan had attempted suicide. Meanwhile, the phone conversation between Ramakrishnan and KPAC Lalitha came out. During the conversation, it is said that he has spoken to the secretary and asked him to submit the application. Despite having a Ph.D. in Mohiniyattam, Ramakrishnan claims that he was denied the opportunity due to caste discrimination. However, the academy has not yet started accepting applications for the program. But it is clear from the phone conversation that the academy chairperson herself said to submit the application.

Ramakrishnan was found unconscious on Saturday night at an art gallery in Chalakudy, Chennai. He had told the doctor at the taluk hospital that he had taken too many sleeping pills. At the same time, the chairperson of the KPAC said that the allegations spread in connection with the academy were factually incorrect. Simple response.

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