The real reason why I didn’t act in Twenty Twenty is not because of Dileep!

‘Twenty Twenty’ was a 2008 Malayalam film produced by Dileep, starring most of the stars of Malayalam cinema. Twenty20 also holds the record for most senior artists to act in a film. The film, which grossed over Rs 7 crore, was a huge success at the box office. The film grossed around Rs 32 crore at the box office.

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Although most of the actors in Malayalam cinema at that time appeared in the film, Meera Jasmine was not a part of the film. There were many answers to the question of why the actor, who was shining in the film at that time, would not act. Meera Jasmine had a quarrel with Dileep and rumors were circulating that the actress had been expelled from ‘Amma’. But Meera Jasmine herself had given the answer as to why she did not do the film. What the actor said in an interview is spreading again on social media‌. Meera Jasmine said,

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I’m really sorry for not being able to act in Twenty20. Dilipettan is a good friend of mine. It was a great pity that he could not act in the film he organized. Many people thought that I did not do that movie on purpose. But that was not the truth. Dilipettan first asked me for a date in December. Then it changed to January. Then in February. But he did not know it. Dating was a big issue as it was a movie starring a lot of leading actors.

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By April, I was busy with a new Telugu film. When I was called to Twenty20, I was busy with that Telugu film. They wanted the film to be released soon. Call from here. The Twenty20 had to be abandoned without enduring pressure. Since then, a variety of news items have been circulating. After that, there were rumors that he had been banned from the Malayalam cinema. It caused me so much pain.

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