The producer stabbed and injured the actress for rejecting a love proposal!

Malvi Malhotra Accident

Producer Yogesh Mahipal Singh has stabbed Malvi Malhotra, a notable Hindi serial actress in the television series ‘Udan’. The incident took place in Andheri, Mumbai last day. Yogesh’s work was seen in front of people on Nadu Road. Witnesses told police he then got into a car. Yogesh stabbed Malvi three times. Malvi is being treated at the hospital.

Malvi 1

The two have been good friends for a long time. But when Yogesh’s friendship turned into love, Yogesh proposed to Malvi. But Malvi refused the request and ended the friendship. And kept a distance from Yogesh.


The incident took place last Monday night. On the way home from Malvi Cafe, Yogesh stopped the star’s car. Yogesh then attacked him with a knife. According to police, Yogesh had stabbed Malvi during an argument after Yogesh stopped Malvi’s car to ask him why he was leaving his friendship with him. But Malvi has stabbed in the abdomen and both hands. Fans of the star are waiting for information about Malvi’s health condition.

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