Pappuettan has consistently had the fearlessness to experience many harsh surfaces in life.He frequently shows up right now front of me, blowing a beep.Sometimes in the midst of the crowds who see the shooting, or in the city’s popularity, or in the countryside.Yes, the memories of the horse race puppet come upon me accidentally by some folk who I meet by chance. Even after so many years of drowsiness, some some form of human figure comes before me. All that laughter, anger, and sadness will be remembered .Pappu Vettan is one of the busiest actors in Malayalam. Films without him were rare. A time when the ‘marketplace’ was breaking into theaters.

Pappuettan has always had the courage to go through many rough surfaces in life. Often, that life seems to have been more eventful than the roles played. During the friendships between the films, he often spoke to me about the hard life that went on. His father died on the 40th day of his birth.Acting with Pappuvetan was a pleasure. Sometimes he says it is not written down in the script.He knew very well how to present a dialogue. It is not learned from film, it is gained by life.T Damodaran’s masterpiece was created by Pappuvettan and the characters were introduced to the audience with an unparalleled experience.