The Monthly Salary Of Apple Store Employees In India Is Four Times That Of Other Retailers

Apple’s first two retail stores opened in India with much fanfare. A team of highly-educated and technically-savvy staff members provides excellent customer service at stores across Mumbai and Delhi. During the launch event, Apple Store employees wearing green T-shirts and welcoming customers with Tim Cook were the center of attention. The high salary of Apple Store employees is now being discussed. According to reports, Apple store employees in India have higher salaries compared to those working in other tech brand retail stores. According to reports by the Economic Times, employees managing Apple’s two retail stores in India are reportedly getting a monthly salary of up to Rs 1 lakh. It is estimated that this is almost four times the monthly salary of other retail store employees. The tech giant has hired 170 employees to provide better service at its first two stores in India.

Apple Indian retail stores have hired highly qualified employees in the fields of IT, electrical engineering, robotics, and computer applications, as well as employees with expertise in various regional languages. Some have been relocated from other countries and hired here as part of Apple’s retail expansion in India.

Apple opened its first store in India after 25 years of business. Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world. Apple CEO Tim Cook opened stores in India last week. Apple pays a monthly rent of Rs 40 lakh for both stores. The company currently employs more than 170 employees for its retail stores in Delhi and Mumbai. The company has more than 70 retail team members at the Saket store.