The moment I thought I was going to die gave cash, Says Ahaana

Ahaana about her first experience in scuba diving
Ahaana about her first experience in scuba diving

Ahaana Krishna is an actress who has captured the hearts of the audience with her strong decisions and beauty. Actress Ahana Krishna has made her Malayalam film debut with Steve Lopez. Ahaana is also the daughter of the audience’s favorite actor Krishnakumar. Ahana is a good singer and model along with a good actress. The star, who is very active on social media, has a YouTube channel. Sisters Ishani, Diya, and Hansika are the favorites of the audience. It is no small matter that everyone in a family gets the attention of the audience in a very short time and the fans are also very eager to know all the highlights of the star family. Now the star has shared the moment he went scuba diving.

A few minutes before jumping into the ocean. To be honest, though I’m smiling here, this was one of those moments where I was contemplating whether I was paying money to die. But I also knew that, if I chose not to jump because I was scared, that one decision would affect a lot of other decisions in my life later on. Where in, I’d choose not to do something because I was scared. So by choosing to keep my fears in the backseat and jumping 36 feet into the ocean without having any clue what it would be like wasn’t just about that 1 Scuba Jump, instead it was a catalyst that’s going to alter so many more decisions for the better. It’s okay to feel afraid. It’s okay to want to quit. Just remind yourself that, Ahaana Says.