The moment I saw you, I confirmed that you were my daughter !! Sunny Leone’s note touching the heart


Nisha is the first eye of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Webber. It has been three years since Nisha came into their lives. The actress shared a touching note on the day she first saw her daughter at the orphanage.

The actress said in a post shared on social media that they confirmed that she was their daughter when they first met Nisha. Sunny’s post is about expressing her love for her daughter. The actor has also shared a picture of his family together. In addition to Nisha, they have two children. Following the Corona outbreak, Sunny and Daniel moved to the U.S. with their children. “Children are safe in California at the moment,” he said.


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“You chose us three years ago … with your mother and father. You trusted us to protect you. You showed me what true love is. The moment I put my eyes on your face, I was convinced that you are my daughter. I know you have a lot of questions after this year. I’m with you for anything. We can find everything together. I love you, Nisha.