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The makers want Shane Nigam to publicly apologize

The makers want Shane Nigam to apologize publicly. The producers said that the ‘mother’ organization should be held accountable for Shane and that he would not compromise for the time being.

The producers said that the actor should openly apologize to the media and there is no direct discussion with the actor. Meanwhile, the executive committee of the Amma organization will meet in January.

The organization called the producers Shane psychopaths as inexcusable. But Shane apologized for the statement and wrote on social media. ‘I apologize if anyone is hurt by that word. It is my belief that I and the general public will not forget any of the previous words about me. I was so sorry that day. Likewise, I hope to forgive it. ”- Shane’s words.

The controversial topic was when speaking to journalists at the IFFK venue. Shane responded by laughing, “Is it psychotic or mental?” However, as the rumors became controversial, the producers withdrew from discussions about the ban on Shane. This was followed by the abandonment of Shane by her mother. Shane has apologized for the situation, saying that the compromise debate could not go any further. But the makers are of the opinion that they should apologize publicly.

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