The love shown in the movie is mine! Gautham Menon tells the story of the film

Gautham Menon is the director of the South Indian film industry. The films like Vaaranam Thousand and Vinny Thandi Varuvaya were super hits. In an exclusive interview with the woman, he said that he had lost his love. ‘I was a JC in my life. I fell in love with the girl who was older than me. They lived at the top of the house. It is the Malayalee. All rights reserved. The film was about re-enacting the romantic fantasy of adolescence. As he was having fun, he found a house to shoot for. Like how JC in the movie was sitting with Karthik in the movie and the ‘real life JC’ in Chennai with me.

The film was shot in a very realistic way. Even the saree’s forearm in a scene where Trisha comes in is a bit odd. They didn’t know that the camera was working when the actors were acting in half of them. Gautham Menon says that some scenes were shot during rehearsal. Gautham Menon had earlier spoken about another love affair. The actor claimed that after the romance, he made her his wife. It is said that a girl and a boy cannot be friends with one another. It is impossible to say so. Some are just friends. Some people fall in love. Since we were friends, I never thought of going beyond that.

When they opened up about romance, I realized that there was a place in their lives beyond friendship. The consent process took two years. My love affair with a theater is open. ‘I love you too. He said we should get married. ‘ The director said that he had come to love the sun as Vaaranam Thousand.