The Kerala Story Director And Actress Met With An Accident

The controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’ director Sudeepto Sen and actress Adah Sharma had an accident last day. The accident happened while going to participate in an event organized in Mumbai. After that, the tweet shared by Adah Sharma is getting attention. Adah Sharma Sharma tweeted that she is fine after the accident and there is no major problem.’I’m fine guys. We are getting a lot of messages because of the news spreading about our accident. The whole team, we’re all fine. Nothing serious. No big problems. Thank you for your concern’, said Ada Sharma.

The accident occurred when the director and actress went to participate in a program called Hindu Ekta Yatra organized in Karimnagar. Later, both of them informed me that they will not be able to participate in the program. National media reports that Aada Sharma has also received death threats due to controversies related to The Kerala Story.