The Kapil Sharna Show: Govinda has changed his name 6 times

The Kapil Sharna Show Govinda has changed his name 6 times
The Kapil Sharna Show Govinda has changed his name 6 times

Bollywood actor Govinda and Family was the guest of this time in the famous comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show. This time Govinda along with his wife Sunita and daughter Teen Ahuja also attended Kapil’s show. Govinda and the family came to promote Tina’s song ‘Milo Na Tum’. During this time, Govinda and his family talked a lot and told many such things, which would have been hardly known before.

Govinda has changed the name 6 times

Like every star on the show, Kapil Sharma talked to Govinda about the rumors related to him. During this, Kapil Sharma asked that it is rumored that Govinda changed his name several times before taking entry in Bollywood. In response, Govinda says that he changed his name 6 times. He told me that earlier his name was Govind Ahuja, Govind Raj, Raj Govind, and Arun Govind.

Tina told many more secret

During this time, when Govinda’s daughter Tina was asked who is the laziest of father and mother? So Tina told that Papa i.e. Govinda slept anywhere. She is Sleeping Beauty, who sleeps anywhere at any time. Govinda accepted this fact.

Govinda did not sleep well for many years

During the show, Govinda said that he has not been able to sleep well for 25 years. He told that he used to work continuously and after 2 o’clock at night, he had become used to sleeping. He told me that his work did not let him sleep, so he could sleep anywhere for a while.

At the same time, his wife Sunita said that Govinda does not have even a single credit card, I keep all with me. Also, talk about Govinda’s career was also talked about in the show.