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The information not mentioned in the interview was distorted; Don’t sell lies: Roshan Mathew

Roshan Mathew against Media
Roshan Mathew against Media

See You Soon is a movie released on the OTT platform during the Lockdown era. The film stars Fahad Fazil, Darshana Rajendran, and Roshan Mathew in the lead roles. The film was released on Amazon Prime and received rave reviews.

Now, in an exclusive interview with a leading media, Roshan and Darshan have shared their personal experiences about the film and the stars. Roshan Mathew and Darshan have now come out openly against the institution and the author for distorting the statements made by the stars in the interview. Roshan and Darshan shared the post on social media.

Darshana Rajendran, and Roshan Mathew

Roshan corrected the erroneous statements and shared them on social media, saying that the statements made by the stars were not written in the magazine. The news has already been shared through film groups and media.

1. Roshan has never said that he ‘confirmed that he would do’ CU Soon ‘when he was told that the third person was Darshan.
2. Darshana did not say ‘Roshan and Mahesh Narayanan struggled to cry when they were close’.
3. Roshan did not say ‘All thanks to Fafad’. The entire team for this movie credit
4. “were the words used by Roshan look in my graph”.
5. ‘Mohanlal disappointed with the beginning of the villain’ Lakshmi Prem **** **** reporter said that the vision is printed by mistake
6. “Roshan’s comfort zone of his PixelPerfect” and “Best admits that Kochi is a ‘but’ is incorrect that the vision is for the feature. Darshan has never said anything like that.

Roshan Mathew

7. It is also wrong to mention that Roshan told Darshana 9 years ago that she was a bone artist and that she would be a leading actress in Malayalam cinema. We met 8 years ago. ??????
8. Roshan had clearly stated that our play ‘A Very Normal Family’ has been performed in 7 venues so far. How did it become a 14 show? There has never been a show in Kannur.
9. We did not address each other as ‘Dear’. Kissing smileys are not used when speaking naturally.
10. Furthermore, the language used in this feature, such as ‘Best Friend’ and other pinky expressions, is not our language of speech. There’s a good deal of anger in making the feature look like that.

Roshan Mathew Post

By not lying to trade.

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