The Independent record label Loop Beats Records is planning mega auditions for singers in January 2022.

The prominent music label is planning a cypher rap and is more than excited to give a new platform to newcomers.

People say the world is filled with umpteen numbers of opportunities for young talented beings across industries. They say that right; however, sometimes these opportunities may not knock on an individual’s door, he may have to go out there and create opportunities for himself and for that will have to go under the grind to become a refined talent in his respective industry. Director and producer Yatendra Meghwal, who also owns his unique record label along with producer Divyanshu Dixit, called Loop Beats Records, says that they are a part of the music world with the sole aim to give greater platforms and opportunities to true talents. This time as well, Loop Beats Records will be coming up with mega auditions for singers and rappers in January 2022.
Talking about the same, Yatendra Meghwal and Divyanshu Dixit said that for the many up and coming talents and others, this opportunity will prove one-of-a-kind and can probably change the trajectory of their careers for the better. Singers and rappers out there can participate in these audiences and showcase their innate skills as passionate musical artists, ready to take on the world of music.
After auditioning these talented beings, which will be held in Delhi, India, Loop Beats Records is planning a cypher rap, which will give these singers and rappers an opportunity of a lifetime to come together and perform and make music together. They are encouraging more and more singers to step forward to be a part of these auditions and get the chance to transform their careers for the better, ultimately reaching their desired success as musical artists in the industry.
Developing this entire idea and now turning it into fruition has been a great journey for the team at Loop Beats Records, and now they can’t contain their excitement for the same.