The incident of that town is the inspiration for D56 movie…


Challenging star Darshan’s 56th movie has attracted curiosity. The film team has already completed one schedule of shooting without giving any hint about the story. The movie ‘D56’ will be released after the movie ‘Kranti’. An incident in a village near Hampi is said to be the inspiration for this story. The same team that worked for the super hit film ‘Robert’ is also working for ‘D56’. Directed by Tarun Sudhir, this film is produced by Rockline Venkatesh.

Veteran actress Malashree’s daughter Radhana Ram will play the female lead in the film. Tarun saw success in the new look of the challenging star in the film ‘Robert’. The same effort has been made here. The team says that this is a different kind of movie. The movie ‘D56’ is being made based on some real events. The theme poster which was released on the occasion of Darshan’s birthday was a hit. He put a picture of a dog protecting a herd of sheep on the poster and wrote, “It is the responsibility of the forward to lead the way for the backward.” Director Jadesh Hampi has written the story for ‘D56’ along with Tarun Sudhir.

He has prepared a Jabardast story by adding an incident that happened a few years ago in his town near Hampi. Jadesh himself shared this idea in an interview recently. It is said that this is a movie that highlights today’s system and also has a suitable message for the society.It seems that Tarun Sudhir and Jadesh were having a lot of discussion together during the lockdown. Jadesh shared the events that happened in his village at this time. Hearing this, Thrilla’s Tarun Sudhir has introduced a story.

From there, the story has taken shape. Actor Darshan heard this story and agreed to act.Actor Darshan recently went to Thailand with his friends. The first schedule shooting of ‘D56’ is already completed. The post production work of the movie ‘Kranti’ has gone on in full swing. Darshan will ignite the spark of ‘Kranti’ in Rajyotsava celebrations. After coming back from Thailand, the new schedule of ‘D56’ will start.