The film asked the audience whether condoms were advertising. Release is required

RDX is the subject of debate even among those who don’t know the language with a single teaser. Love. Everyone who watched the hot scenes of Telugu film was surprised. The reason is that no teaser has had such hot scenes in recent years. The film was criticized for being “overly sexual.” RDX It’s coming to the theater. The film is set to release on October 11.

RDX Love Trailer

The film stars Paajal Rajput as the hero of the movie, Tejas’s Kancherla. The teaser was a reminder of the precautions to take when having sex. Critics question whether condoms are advertising. But with the trailer released afterwards, the crew were convinced that the film was about some serious issues. Shankar Bhanu is the director.

RDX Love Teaser

Source : CK Entertainment Pvt Ltd