The director threw the script in Lohitha Das’s face! Lohithadas sad face is still in my mind, Mammootty

Lohithadas was a great screenwriter and director who brought many hit films in Malayalam cinema, Lohithadas entered the field by writing the screenplay of Mammootty’s ‘Tanyavarthanam’ directed by CB Malayalam, but before writing a good screenplay, he edited other people’s screenplays and wrote screenplays for others, now Mammootty’s words about an unfortunate incident that befell Lohithadas are more noteworthy

The film was directed by a very famous director and Lohithadas job was to edit the script of that director, but once the director threw the edited script in Lohithadas face, I am watching this incident from a distance, says Mammootty.

Lohithadas is standing like this, like what have I done wrong, I still have that sad face of Lohithadas in my mind, says Mammootty, later this director came to meet me during the film Taniyavartanam and said that I want to complete the film that was shot that day but I gave him a condition that only Lohi should write the screenplay for it. Our relationship started that day says Mammootty