The big twist in Manju Warrier’s life! Does Madhavan join hands for a new start?


Manju Warrier, the all-time favourite heroine of Malayalees, has a great opportunity.  has such an adjective for Malayalam Lady Super. The actor often asks if he can say that. The actor is moving forward proving that all kinds of characters are safe in him. Manju Warrier’s movie ‘The Priest’ is coming to the theatres. The actor also shared the joy of being able to act with Mammootty. In the meantime, he talked about his new career opportunity. Manju Warrier is all set to make her Bollywood debut after Tamil. Fans are overwhelmed with greetings to the beloved.

After a long hiatus, Manju Warrier’s movie is back in theatres. The actor had said that this time he will come up with a character that the audience will like. Everything from The Priest to the First Look poster has gone viral on social media. The actor was very happy to talk about the new news. Manju’s upcoming films include Chaturmukham, Kayattam, Marakkar Arabian Sea Lion and Lalitham Sundaram.

Manju Warrier considered not being able to do a film with Mammootty as a big loss in her career. The actress said that she had never had such an opportunity. They were brought together by Joffin T. Chacko. Manju Warrier had said that when she heard that Mammootty is the hero of the film, she decided to do it. Mammootty had said yesterday that the two of them will only appear in one scene.

Manju Warrier is waiting for different characters. In the second coming, the characters with more acting potential were sought. She is also preparing to act in a Hindi film. There are reports that Madhavan may play the lead role in the film. No official announcement has been made about this movie. The movie world and the audience are hoping that the announcement of the movie and more details will come out soon.

Manju Warrier’s mother Girija Warrier is also well known to the audience. Manju Warrier had said that her mother was the guide and role model in her life. Girija Warrier’s Kathakali debut took place last day. Manju Warrier was also present at her mother’s debut. Girija Madhavan had been practising Kathakali under Kalanilayam Gopi for two years.